Amritanadi Assam Loose Green Tea with Decongestant Lemongrass

Destress | Uplifts Mood | Detoxification

Amritanadi Assam Loose Green Tea with Decongestant Lemongrass

Destress | Uplifts Mood | Detoxification
Destress | Uplifts Mood | Detoxification
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Amritanadi Green Tea with Lemongrass is a decongestant Green Tea. Lemongrass is known to have antioxidants that help in fighting colds, coughs, and flu. The powerful blend of Assam Green Tea and Lemongrass makes this tea an ideal drink to fight against the common flu. Furthermore, it helps in detox and relaxation, in addition, to boosting immunity.

Lemongrass's refreshing flavour and subtle aroma can be very soothing to the senses.The aroma of lemongrass emanating from a hot cup of tea provides relief to a blocked nose and helps to cope with cold, cough, and flu.

Amritanadi Green Tea leaves are selectively picked up from finest tea gardens of Darjeeling. Quickly sealed within few hours to preserve freshness.

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Why Amritanadi Lemongrass Green Tea?

Use Green Tea Leaves & Not Tea Dust


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Just awesome

I have been using this tea for the last few days .. And I have used green tea from a lot of companies before this, but the taste is in it and not in anyone. I have only one word for this tea just awesome 🍵

Mind-blowing green tea

I came this product of blue nectar Amritanadi Assam Green Tea with Decongestant Lemongrass. It's an product of full of refreshments. It smells like heaven. And taste like Amrit. For last 2 weak I am using this product everyday. And i can feel something change in my body it really help in fat loss

Best Green Tea

while opening the packaging you can smell the beautiful aroma of lemongrass.i prepared it as it was instructed.took a pinch in a cup and added boiling water.with first sip you can taste ginger, lemongrass,basil.The taste sends a sense of relaxation. I liked the flavour a lot and i enjoy a cup of blue nectar amritanadi assam green tea every afternoon now.the tea is relaxing and beneficiary for your body. I would recommend it to you if you are looking for a soothing green tea.

Refreshing tea with awesome flavour

This is a purely natural tea and does not contain any chemical, flavor or colour. It has an awesome fragrance and provides a refreshing feeling after having it. I love this tea and drinking it in the morning makes my day special.

Great product

This green tea has a soothing smell which helps in relaxing after a long day, as well as boost your immunity. I have also experienced relief from cough. It also helps in digestion and weight loss.